new edition

This image was taken outside the New Edition bookshop in Fremantle one quiet Sunday morning using my Lumix digital camera.  I have taken so many images at this exact intersection… one day I will gather them up and see what story they tell together. This is my favourite spot in Fremantle for photography, a combination of the architecture and the way the light is corralled by the narrow streets and tall buildings. Standing on one side of the narrow street still provides a proximity to the passers by on the opposite side, perfect for framing urban compositions.

This image was taken with my Lumix LX-7, converted to black and white and edited in Lightroom using Google Nik Silver Efex and Analog Efex presets to create a film-like feel to the image. While I am satisfied with the post processing and final result for this image I can’t let go of the feeling that using the same software and digital algorithms as everyone else must render a certain uniformity to images.

new edition

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  1. […] morning paper is an oil study on board based on this photo I took outside New Edition bookshop in Fremantle. A familiar spot for many photos. This is […]



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