The last few months have been pretty slow when it comes to photography. Maybe due to the lack of good light during our winter but probably more due to my preoccupation with painting. I have an exhibition coming up in September and that is where my energy has been going. You can see my paintings – they are finally complete and almost ready to go.

I’ve only shot 4 films over the last few months and a couple of shots came out ok. Nothing stunning, but I’ve posted them below. However, I hope things are going to change soon, I have purchased a Mamiya C220 Medium Format camera and looking forward to shooting lots of film soon and sharing more shots here.

Another interesting thing I have got into lately is watching Ben Horne’s You Tube channel. Ben is a large format landscape photographer. Polar opposite of street and urban photography in some ways, in other ways though, perhaps there are similarities. I love this guy’s zen-like approach to photography. Anyway, well worth a look.




  1. Ce que j’aime dans ces photos ce n’est pas seulement l’apparente solitude des personnages mais plus son inexistence dans un cadre imposant.



    1. Thank you, that is the emotion I seek in my images on top of the light and shadows of the city



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