Double Exposure

Double ExposureI had been considering a twin lens medium format camera for a while and finally took the plunge and purchased a Mamiya C220 with a 105mm lens (around 65mm focal length in 35mm terms). I had been intending to get a Yashica tlr, but the Mamiya has interchangeable lens which I think is more practical in terms of servicing and maintaining the camera.


The Mamiya also has a nice double exposure feature that allows you to quickly flip between ‘single’ and ‘multi’ mode. So simple in fact that I find that I am unintentionally taking multiple exposures without even knowing it. The image here was one of those shots – completely unintended, but a nice surprise when I developed the roll. I took two seperate shots of the two bridges in Fremantle and they overlayed perfectly to give a surreal image that almost looks like a single shot at first glance.

I cropped the image slightly and darkened up the tones using a dark sepia preset in Lightroom/Google Nik. I’m looking forward to getting to know this camera better and exploring the streets of Fremantle with it.



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